Hélicopter of snow, Cerdanya's tour (Font-Romeu - Pyrénées 2000)

15 min helicopter flight from la Llagonne
Snow Helicopter
10 february to 10 march 2024


Helicopter of snow

Helicopter flight over pyrenees mountain located in la Llagonne close to Les Angles and Font-Romeu ski resort

Cerdagne's tour details:

Our adventure begins at the departure of the family ski resort of La Quillane, located in the town of Llagonne.
Embark with Hélittoral Helicopters and head towards Mont-Louis and its fortified citadel, built by Vauban.
Next, we'll set our sights on the Cerdagne region and the Cambre d'Aze massif, with its eponymous ski resort (Saint Pierre dels Forcats - Eyne).
We'll head towards the Eyne valley and its breathtaking landscapes.
Then, we'll go admire the snowy peaks of Puigmal, offering a unique panorama of the Cerdan plateau with the Catalan city of Puigcerda in the background.
Next, we'll head towards the Agoustrine valley to observe the Themis solar power plant in Targassonne as well as the solar furnace in Font-Romeu.
Finally, we'll fly over the Font-Romeu and Bolquère Pyrénées 2000 ski resorts.

The Cerdagne helicopter tour guarantees breathtaking panoramas and exceptional emotions.
We strongly recommend that you bring your cameras to immortalize this unforgettable experience.

The pilot reserves the right to cancel the helicopter flight depending on the weather conditions in order to discover the Catalan landscapes under optimal conditions.

La Quillane - La Llagonne - Mont-Louis - Le Cambre d'Aze - La Vallée d'Eyne - La vallée d'Angoustrine - Font-Romeu - Bolquère Pyrénées 2000 - Retour la Quillane


AS350 for 5 people + pilot

Bring Passport ID

Your weight must be provided at time of reservation